Ceramic Butterflies by Monica Forrestall

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these ceramic butterflies by Monica Forrestall, an NYC-based artist, can be worn as necklaces, hung on the wall as decoration, or used as ornaments for a tree - or all of the above! inspired by the pollinator-friendly gardening she does in an NYC community garden, Monica started making these butterfly necklaces and other nature-inspired ceramic pieces several years ago. they are hand-built, hand glazed, and each piece is completely unique. 🦋🦋🦋


Ribbon included with each piece but not attached, so you can always change it to something else of your choosing! Note: The only Large ($75) butterfly is #11, the blue and green one in the third picture. All the rest are small ($65). Please select the one you would like based on the numbered diagram. We have tons more we will be uploading soon!