Peace of Mind by Honeymoon Coffee

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  • Origin: San Ramón, Nicaragua
  • Producer: San Ramón Cooperative
  • Varieties: Bourbon, Caturra, Typica, Red/Yellow Catuai, Gesha, Maragogipe & Sarchimor
  • Elevation: 700-1,000 meters
  • Process: Wet-processed & sun-dried
  • Notes: Harmonious and well-rounded, with notes of pine & dark chocolate and a very smooth finish
“Peace Of Mind” is a sweet and herbaceous, single-origin blend of coffee varietals that we are proud to offer in collaboration with the Community Agroecology Network (CAN), a food sustainability/sovereignty-focused organization based out of Santa Cruz, California. For the past 15+ years, CAN has worked closely with 2 small coffee farmer co-ops in central Nicaragua's San Ramón, supporting their biodiverse coffee forests while simultaneously realizing forward-thinking, community-driven projects. In 2020, the municipality of San Ramón was hit twice within one week by severe hurricanes that damaged coffee plants, some critical infrastructure, and the local economy at large. Since then the community has been working to recover their shade coffee by replanting trees, rebuilding homes, etc.