Night School Bar Imagine Otherwise: 2023 Scholarship Fundraiser

Imagine Otherwise: 2023 Scholarship Fundraiser

Study for a Liberated World

 Durham, NC, US
Education can be liberating. Education can be meaningful. Education can be accessible.
Night School Bar is reimagining what education can be. For the last two years, we’ve been offering a robust curriculum of arts and humanities classes, grounded in feminist, anti-racist, and economic justice approaches. We’re creating the education you wish you could have gotten in school, and we’re making sure that no one ever goes into debt to learn.
Our work is rooted in an abolition model: we’re tearing down the structures that make education inequitable and inaccessible, and creating the learning community we need for a liberated world.Our dream is to move study out of the university, and into the commons: into the spaces in which we already create social life together. We’re making that dream come true. 
A crucial component of liberation education is ensuring that no one is financially burdened beyond their means.This is where the scholarship campaign comes in: donations fund the tuition needed to pay instructors a fair wage, while allowing students to choose the tuition level that they can afford. 
Since formalizing our program in November 2020, our expert instructors have taught 120 classes to thousands of students across the globe. Of these students, over 70% use a full or partial scholarship. This means we’re continuing our mission of making the arts and humanities accessible to everyone, anywhere. But, we face a critical funding shortage. In order to continue offering affordable courses with scholarship options for all, we need your support.
Reaching our funding goal will enable us to grow and expand. In 2023, we will:
–Launch our Critical DEI initiative, offering individuals a chance to understand their own experiences with DEI and offering companies the tools they need to dismantle the deep structures that prevent diversity and inclusion.  
–Continue to diversify our faculty, both in terms of identity and expertise, and branch out to include courses in the social sciences. 
–Raise instructor pay to keep pace with inflation.
–Create two full-time staff positions (currently all faculty work additional jobs, and much of the administrative work is done on a volunteer basis).
–Open a physical space for in-person classes, meetings, events, and teach-ins in Durham, NC.
Immediate Need: $20,000
We urgently need to replenish our scholarship fund in order to continue offering pay-what-you-can classes. These funds are crucial for paying faculty and staff a living wage.
Stretch Goal: $35,000
Inflation has hit many hard, including our instructors. In order to raise instructor pay, we need to supplement existing tuition. This will also allow us to attract new faculty and expand our existing course offerings.
Ultimate Goal: $50,000
Much of the behind-the-scenes labor of Night School is done on a volunteer- and part-time basis, which is not sustainable. Reaching our ultimate goal allows us to create full-time positions for the co-directors who run the program.
Imagining otherwise is the first step to creating the world we want. Let's liberate ourselves through meaningful, accessible education for all in 2023.
In study & care,
Lindsey & Annu