Poppy & Star Cloud Songs Herbal Syrup

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4 oz //  118 ml

 An herbal syrup for restful sleep

Made with the intention to promote a soporific effect 
and paired with herbs to soothe the nervous system.
Containing antioxidants  such as hesperidin and linarin, 
these compounds gift us their sedative and sleep enhancing properties.


In between this realm and your dreams?  Let Cloud Songs be your guide.


Ashwagandha Root, California Poppy, Cinnamon Bark, Hops, Green Cardamom, Reishi, Valerian Root, Wood Betony, Glycerin, Raw Honey.


 1-2 table spoons an hour before slumber. 

 Refrigerate ! Vegetable Glycerin is soluble in water and alcohol, so should be used in the water phase of formulas. It can also replace alcohol in herbal and botanical tinctures. Although it can be used as a preservative at 50% or higher, it makes any product very sticky at this level." - 

Teeneke Barresi

100% Organic . Ethically sourced . Conjured in ceremony.

~These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product does not intend to treat, diagnose, cure, or prevent any disease. Seek expert medical advice before consuming during pregnancy, nursing, or if you are taking medications.~