Daphnis and Chloe Herbs in Glass Jars (Rosemary and Unique Greek Sage)

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Rosemary is one of these sturdy, universal herbs that can resist well in different parts of the world. What sets our selection apart from other rosemary is the ability to lend a balsamic, gently piney flavor to meals without being bitter. Some people might find it too delicate, but we prefer it this way. More powerful doesn’t always mean better!

Unique Greek Sage


This robust variety of sage (Salvia fruticosa) is found everywhere across the Aegean Sea islands. One of its main differences from common European sage is a more intense taste and fragrance. Interestingly enough, it tends to smell stronger when it grows in arid soils. Our selection comes from an organic farm in Crete, where all herbs are processed by hand. Use in cooking or as a tea.