Daphnis and Chloe Herbs (Fennel, Bay Leaves, Wild Thyme Flowers, and Oregano)

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~ all herbs in sachets~

Fragrant Fennel Seeds


Born in the Mediterranean, fennel is probably the most widely used aromatic plant in the world. There’s a long list of varieties, with climate and geography playing a catalytic role in quality. Evia’s island has a long tradition of cultivating a sweet, beautifully balanced variety that serves to aromatize Greek spirits. Our supplier, a third-generation farmer, makes sure that we receive the most aromatic part of his harvest every year. He’s the cause of our love for good fennel!

Bay Leaves

Fresh, crisp and bright green, our bay leaves arrive from an organic farm on the Ionian. They’re harvested by hand, dried naturally at the source, and sorted one by one in Daphnis and Chloe. We’re incredibly proud of them. Not just for their remarkable quality, but also because we’ve seen the idyllic setting where they grow. (

Oregano from Taygetus

It comes as no surprise that this classic ground oregano is one of our most popular ingredients: During July and August, you’ll find people harvesting and drying oregano in every mountainous village of Greece. Sourced from small organic farms, our ground Oregano from Taygetus has the same flavor profile as the bouquets but in a more practical, pre-ground format. An absolute staple that shouldn’t miss even from the most minimal pantry!
Wild Thyme Flowers
Thymus Capitatus, a variety that loves Greece’s rocky coastlines, grows into a woody purple shrub. It prospers in specific areas of the Mediterranean and is a hard find even at well-informed spice shops. Our harvesters trim the blossoms one by one, following a laborious process that allows preserving the herb’s aroma for longer. The most advanced tool to ever touch these flowers is a pair of scissors.