Late Bloomer | Nico Hedley

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The debut 7” from New York’s greatest crooner, its tallest skyscraper, its honkiest tonk. The music Nico Hedley makes is late-at-night music, slow dancing in your socks on the hardwood in your bedroom kinda music, too wired to sleep so you read by the light of the lamp on the nightstand music, overhead lights coming on at the bar music, AM country radio swinging stoplight no one else awake in town kinda music. A tall crooner in bifocals with an ancient hollowbody who could be from anywhere and from anytime but is also somehow definitely from New York City (his sole tattoo - "212" on his upper thigh). His band can have a pedal steel in it, his band can have a saxophone in it, his band can have an upright bass in it, and it always, to me, sounds like just the group of folks you want to sing "Auld Lang Syne" to you when the balloons drop. Nico's played around in a lot of different bands and situations, he's lived a lot of lives, and after a few summers under the soil his songs are finally here.