Milkweed Provisions Broth Bags and Tinctures!

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~*~*~ mushroom broth bag  * ~*~*~

kombu, dried lions main, dried shiitake, dried mistake, guadalijo chilies, ancho chilies, foraged bay leaves, dried roasted garlic chips

* ~*~*~warm herbal bag  * ~*~*~

astralagus, lily bulb, red dates, hawthorn berry, kombu, goji berries, dried ginger


☀️🌞 💫<~🌫 RESET tincture 🌫 ~>💫🌞☀️ wake up, tune in, breathe deep the mood juice that resets a wack mood and gives you resilience through your day. nettle, lemon balm, hyssop


🔥⛰️ fire on the mountain tincture ⛰️🔥🌀

made with nettle and Greek mountain tea grown on Honey's roof. take for strength of mind and body. good for immunity and leaning into your intuition