NURI Portuguese Spiced Sardines in Tomato Sauce

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Outstanding hand-packed Spiced Sardine in tomato sauce. Portugese excellence guaranteed by a strict quality control, the selection of the finest fish, and wise cutting and cleaning technique. Wild caught and hand selected, tinned in pure olive oil to complement its perfectly retained natural flavor. The easy-to-open tin makes it ideal for eating on the go straight from the can. Amazingly versatile - make a seafood salad within minutes, toss in a pasta, use in your canned fish recipes or just pile them on bread with a squeeze of lemon and some sea salt - the possibilities are endless! A true gourmet food, generous in size, in a beautiful packaging, that stands out, makes it a perfect gift for all food enthusiasts. Combine it with other delicious Nuri products to taste all the Portuguese specialties.

Limited exclusive and selected production per year.

ALL NATURAL INGREDIENTS - sardines, tomato sauce (tomato pulp, olive oil, cloves, black pepper, laurel), cucumber, chili, carrot, salt

4.40 oz Can