Limited Batch Raaka x New York Botanical Garden Chocolates

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68% Vanilla Violet Chocolate Bar - Limited Batch

Violet-infused cacao butter and flecks of ground vanilla bean create a thick, melted marshmallow-like chocolate. Dominican cacao lends notes of cinnamon and brown sugar. This bar brings the flower power.

66% Chamomile Lavender Bar - Limited Batch

This gentle and floral single origin dark chocolate is infused with calming chamomile and soothing lavender. The perfect chocolate to wind down with.

Raaka has partnered with the landmark New York Botanical Garden, who support living collections of more than one million plants inside their 250-acre landscape and conservatory. These bar celebrate the beauty and flavor of the plants that surround and sustain us. A percentage of each bar supports NYBG’s work in plant science and conservation, horticulture and education.