This Cookbook is Made For the 5th Dimension | Susan Cianciolo

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Susan Cianciolo
“This Cookbook is Made For the 5th Dimension”

“Susan transforms white-walled gallery spaces into a place of warm home energy: she introduces you to her family and she arranges her work like a picnic. She gives you clothing for dressing up, and when she hangs her paintings on walls, they look less like a collection of finished, rarefied pictures than portals into their maker’s ongoing process. Seeing a show by Susan is like stepping into someone’s home for the first time, witnessing the intimate artifacts of a life as it is being lived. And yet Susan’s gestures are not entirely cozy. ‘Domestic’ is not the right word here, with its whiff of complacency. There’s something transgressive in the way Susan flagrantly disregards the boundary between home and art. It’s a simultaneously vulnerable and stoic attitude she maintains, revealing but never pandering. You feel this in the rawness of the work, its imperfect corners and relaxed seams. These are not just materials, of course, but artifacts from an entire system of art.”

— Excerpt from This Cookbook is Made For the 5th Dimension, introduction by Ross Simonini

Designed by Kimberly Sutherland and Susan Cianciolo. Edited by Libby Werbel. Essays from Susan Cianciolo, Ross Simonini, Ryan Noon, Morgan Ritter, Cassi Namoda, Samara Huggins, Peter Sonnenberg, Sebnem Akin Uyar, and Lilac Sky Cianciolo. Recipes throughout from friends and family. 200 pages, 7.5 x 9.5 inches, hardbound, printed by Brown Printing, edition of 500, typeset in galaxie copernicus designed by Chester Jenkins and Kris Sowersby, GT Alpina by Grilli Type in Switzerland, and Universal Sans by Family Type in the UK.