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For heart centered connection to one’s body, the earth and the local landscape. offers a sense of rootedness and physical vitality.

Made with oak, yucca, monkeyflower, fire star orchid, essential oils of cedar, juniper, sandalwood



This essence spray invokes the nurturing energetics of the chaparral canyons. Divine Earth Mother healing for everyone’s inner child.

Made with essential oils of Lavender and Rosemary; flower essences of Mariposa Lily, Purple Sage, Purple Brodiaea, Purple Phaecelia, Wild Oats and Milkweed.

Suggested Use— Spritz around your auric field or use as a room spray



This protective wildflower spray offers a more etheric way to clear sacred space helping to dissolve dense & frenetic mental energy into a soft, powdery glow.

Made with flower essences of White Sage, White Yarrow, and Caterpillar Phacelia and sustainably sourced essential oils of white sage and common sage.

Suggested Use— spritz around your auric field or use as a room spray



When feeling distracted or disconnected, use this spray to slow down to the present, feel into your body and hear the earth speak.

Made with Wild Ginger, Silky Lupine, Chickweed, Mendocino moss and essential oils of Clary Sage & Cypress

Suggested Use— Spritz in your auric field or use as a room spray.



What folks are saying—
’I honestly can't stress enough how amazing the sprays have been for me. I love gifting them too. And I can't stop myself from spritzing my visitors in the face when they come to my apartment bringing frantic, fast-paced, out-of-body stress energy. Somehow, using the cleansing sprays has been teaching me more about my own body. It’s had the side effect of teaching me how to be more conscious and aware in such a gentle way. I'm so grateful!’