Ultimate Dimension Whole Bean Coffee (8oz.)

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Hailing from Finca Clara Luz in Ecuador’s southern region of Loja comes an incredibly limited, 90+ natural-processed gesha bean* unlike anything we’ve tasted before—a true front runner in today’s world of premium, meticulous micro-lot coffee production, as well a Honey Moon U.S.A.-exclusive. Difficult to find and unspeakably more challenging to cultivate, harvest, mill, export, etc., natural-processed gesha coffees are sought after for good reason. The precious lot that we have, produced by natural/honey expert Servio González, is no exception. Think: your favorite sour candy meets a strong cup of herbal tea. Unreal, or perhaps just real enough. We have very little of this rare bean, and it's nearly impossible to find elsewhere. Happiness can be achieved in the present moment.

Take a moment and ask yourself: “Will I have another chance?”

  • Origin: Loja, Ecuador
  • Producer: Servio González
  • Variety: Gesha
  • Elevation: 1,800 meters
  • Process: Natural
  • Vibrant & sparkling, with aromatic notes of jasmine and strawberry
* “90+” means this coffee received a universally accepted specialty coffee score of 90+ out of 100. "Natural" processing refers to a coffee production process in which beans are passively dried while still in the fruit & skin, rather than being washed clean before being dried. ”Gesha" referes to a sensitive coffee plant varietal that originated in Ethiopia and has since made its way around the globe.