Sourcery Nutmeg

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This heirloom nutmeg is grown on a regenerative farm in the lush nudge river valley of Karnakata which is often visited by elephants. The nutmeg apples are hand harvested when fully ripe to develop the most flavorful nutmeg.

Net Wt. : 2.1oz 60g

Heirloom Variety : Indigenous

Flavor Notes : Eucalyptus and Rose Harvest

Date : Feb ‘23 Single origin | Chemical-free | Sustainably grown 

How to use + A great addition to baked goods, cakes and pastries. + Flavor your chai, coffee, hot chocolate and cocktails.

Origin + Nugu River Valley, Karnataka

+ This Nutmeg is sourced from a 35 year old regenerative farm owned by the Cariappa family. Frequented by paradise fly catchers, horn bills and woodpeckers, their farm is a bird watcher's paradise.