people/places/companies/organizations we love

P L A C E S 

Topos bookstore
Topos bookstore This is Anny's book store and cafe in Ridgewood :)

Another great book shop and cafe run by our friend Matt Winn. They also have a small imprint that puts out excellent titles.
Su'juk is an amazing shop that sells mostly vintage clothing, but also tons of other great stuff--plus, there's a hair salon in the back and tarot readings on weekends! it's run by Su Beyazit, one of the sweetest people we have the pleasure of knowing 

Honey's / Enlightenment Wines
Honey's is one of our favorite spots in Brooklyn. they produce small batch meads--which are naturally crafted with wild yeast, foraged herbs, and locally sourced fruit--as well as bottled cocktails. they also have delicious pantry items and other provisions. the owners and all the staff are just the best. 
Click here to be part of Honey's at Home !


Sincerely, Tommy

Sincerely, Tommy is a brooklyn based lifestyle store with an in-house coffee bar focusing on emerging womenswear, lifestyle brands, & community. 
millers & makers
down the street from Topos, this is one of the best bakeries in nyc!

Run by our friend Emily Bode - Incredible, one-of-a kind pieces. Primarily menswear but a lot of the clothes are genderless, and they make masks and pillows. And there's even a Baby Bode collection!


Lil deb's Oasis (Hudson)
Great food & drink owned and staffed by amazing people! 

Enkyu/Likeminded Objects (Hudson)
Two very cool women combined forced to open a storefront to show off the incredible clothes/objects/furniture they design 

The Red Rose Motel
A great place to stay when you're up in this area! Run by Melissa Kawecki, this restored in feels like home the moment you arrive. They have a small dinner menu and some great beer and wine and cider (Melissa and her husband, Brandon, are cider makers at The Valley! The Mountains!) and a fireplace and sweet cozy rooms and... what more could you ask for??

The Long Weekend (Livingston Manor)
This shop just keeps getting better and better! I first stumbled upon it with my friend Kate, and we chatted with the owner, Ninze, for a while, and ended up inviting her over to The Red Rose for a drink, and she took us up on it and showed up and we played a weird vintage card game involving trading grains on the stock market (rice, oats, flax - no quinoa or amaranth at that point) and we ate delicious desserts and drank wine and read each other tarot cards and also realized we had both been in the SAME TOWN IN NEW JERSEY earlier that day for two different estate sales! and that jersey bond can never be broken. stop by the shop if youre ever up there - it's ever-changing and always great.


B R A N D S + C O M P A N I E S  

(not necessarily physical spaces one can visit)

Maggie Boyd Ceramics
Maggie is an incredible human and ceramicist and artist in general and mother and friend and comedian and you should go check out her stuff because it'll knock your socks off (if you're wearing socks)

We have a huge crush on Chris and everything she makes!! A bunch of kinds of vinegar, preserved lemons, kitchen towels. For now you can find Tart products at Dimes, & Sons, and have a good day, and maybe soon on our website!

hello mellow
"wellness and weirdness shop" in toronto owned by a great friend Allison Magpayo. recently closed down the physical shop but they do some online sales and we are planning some sort of reunion/pop up in the spring if we can do so safely!

Skwalwen Botanicals
Skwalwen Botanicals is an indigenous skincare line incorporating respectfully harvested botanicals, organic oils, nourishing plant-derived butters and steam distilled essential oils

Donna Collective
We first met the women who run Donna Collective when they stumbled upon our first pop-up store in Hudson in 2019, and they included us in a market they hosted at 99 Scott (part of the same building as Honey’s!) the next month! Look out for their vintage wares when they do Donna Dry Goods online sales or are part of a pop-up market. They have impeccable taste!

Forsythia Forsythia (Hudson)
Hannah Mandel makes the most incredible cakes and desserts. They taste as delicious as they look and sound as delicious as they taste and look as delicious as they sound! For those of you upstate, here's her Holiday Order Form. We promise your mind and taste buds will be blown.

Turiya Gross Ceramics


Vortexity Books

CRCL Earth  (Buy a pillow here!)

Hone Projects (Kingston)

F Mag


Fenrick Books



T Leather and Wood (Vancouver) 
Beautiful handmade leather goods! Beautiful person (Tam Fuller) who makes them!


O R G A N I Z A T I O N S 

Indigenous Kinship Collective 

Parole Prep

Poetry Project

Mutual Aid NYC

The Bail Project