Frühling Original Superfood Snack

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A luxurious treat, inspired by the elegance of nature…Frühling's Original Superfood Snack is made from the highest quality, raw organic nuts, dried berries and whole roasted cacao beans, gathered from the mineral-rich soils of Sicily, California, Belize and beyond…and made with love in NYC.

Rich in minerals and micronutrients, with no added sugars, oils or preservatives used — each bag is tailored to your optimal daily nutrition.

Each ingredient is bursting with flavor and tells a story of its own…

From the naturally crimson colored Livermore walnuts, to the tangy golden berries, potent in Vitamin C… to the Mulberries, used often in Persian cooking and in Chinese medicine, or the Bronte pistachios, called "green gold," and grown at the base of Mount Etna (to name a few).

Our ingredients have never been treated with any chemical fertilizers or pesticides, and have never been genetically modified. Many are harvested by hand on family farms. These are nature's luxury foods and we hope you love them as much as we do.