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Our Dachshund Cake Toppers are perfect for dog lovers who admire the moxie of a doxie! Bright, loyal and courageous (and often noisy) these beautiful little sausage dogs are the heart of many homes. And what better way to celebrate them than with a Camp Hollow ceramic cake topper!

⛺️ Designed at Camp Hollow, all our cake toppers are made to reflect the personality of the animals they portray. The Dachshund looks up to expectantly with their big soulful eyes, happy to fill the role of ‘party animal’! ✅ FEATURES: 🥇 crafted from fine porcelain 👩‍🎨 meticulously hand-painted in detail 🌳 heirloom quality ✔️ highly collectible 🕯️ beeswax birthday candle included 💝 individually gift-boxed


This is a PREORDER! please allow two weeks for delivery :)