Sunny and lucent. An upgraded alternative to the Mini Eco Tote—a little more special in material and make, yet equally lightweight and rollable.

Hand-loomed in Aklan using a mix of undyed Abacá, Silk, and Knotted Yarn. The Abacá fiber, which is a species of the banana plant native to the Philippines, lends a wonderful sheen to the bag. 

Stalks of the Abaca plant are sliced, scraped, and sun-dried, after which the finest fibers are separated and woven into cloth. Previously used to make rope, it is known to be the strongest of all natural fibers.

 Handloom weaving is the oldest industry in the town of Aklan, Philippines. Although it is a big part of the local culture, it is a time-consuming practice, and interested youth have become few and far between.


We should have these back in stock at all locations December 15th!