hi! glad you've found your way here. thank you all for all of your support! 

wanting to keep you all updated more consistently,  as we're not so great at the instagram posting.

we're currently working on re-doing the website and planning some outdoor markets, complete with other friends vending, food and refreshments. let us know if you have any spaces, or friends who make things, who you think could be a good fit :) 

a few new products we just got in or are getting in the next week:

more sun song flower essences and aura sprays, after a customer requested a few that we hadn't stocked before

sun | day all natural night cream, chamomile cedarwood deodorant, and lip balm (lavender rose and peppermint cocoa). hollyanne sparks-mccart, who founded sun | day, works at Woon kitchen, which is how we all got connected! 

quw'utsun' made products are about to land! back when we first started this project, Arianna's infused oil roll-ons were one of the only products we bought outright (most items were things our friends made and were on consignment). this time around, we ordered devil's club lotion, salish forest oil, rosewater nettle mist, and coconut milk clay masks

artemisia mask spray and dream mist from enlightenment wines farm and meadery should be in stock tomorrow or tuesday

we should also have some flower & herb seeds from alliance of native seed keepers very soon!


myfawnwy mushroom pillow drop is slated to happen tuesday or wednesday - we'll let you know the day before!


some organizations we've donated to lately:

asian americans advancing justice - atlanta chapter  ($40)

covid bailout ($40)

247 people freed from NYC jails! since April 1, 2020!


we're trying to keep breaking even and donating when we can. planning to do more fundraisers/raffles to raise money in the near future! let's all keep  working toward a copless, prison-free future where everyone has food and housing security. 


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