Sun Song

about Sun Song


Sun Song is an embodied research lab for plant collaboration, earth based healing and vibrational essence therapy. They create plant based healing tools designed for everyday-self-care-ceremony to connect you to your energy body, your intuition and the earth. Working in reciprocity, all plants are organically grown or ethically wildcrafted. One of the benefits of essence therapy is the very minimal need for harvesting.


about Saewon

Saewon is an essence maker, energy worker, plant lover, inter-disciplinary healing artist and founder of Sun Song. As a practitioner, she creates an expansive and safe container, helping you connect to nature consciousness, your inner guidance system and your personal healing gifts. With support from her plant, mineral, animal, elemental, celestial and galactic guides, she creates custom healing potions to support life-giving and grounded mental, emotional and spiritual growth.



About Flower Essences

Sun Song potions and sprays are made from the vibrational essences of plants, flowers, gemstones, and sound. They are therapeutic remedies for emotional & energetic healing.

Essences are... touch points between spirit and matter, ritualized alchemy, energy work made tangible, a relationship with the elements, earth spirits, consciousness, water worship, an asking, a receiving. A vehicle for shapeshifting...

This practice honors our connection to the earth, our intuition and the living intelligence in all things. Essences rely on very minuscule and sustainable harvesting methods.

How to Work with an Essence

Take a few drops on the tongue, in your water bottle, on acupressure points or even in your bath. You can also spritz them in your auric field or use them in a room spray to shift the energy of a space. Using an essence over time will bring you closer to the wise counsel of the plant world.

The standard dosage is 1-3 drops, 3 times a day. We encourage you to trust your intuition and experiment with your formula.




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